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We have the honor to present this creation of our team, the greatest header ever made; the most customizable Joomla module ….NO MORE WORDS ….just “PRO Header with YOUTUBE”. What makes this module to be the best is the multitude of options witch you can use, the various ways to make it look and functions implemented in it. The module is designed to do two major things like image slideshow and youtube player, so instead of installing two separate modules, you just install this one and you will have all the functions.
The image slideshow offers you the possibility to add SPECIAL effects, like “reflection” witch is the most impressive effect ever seen, glow and shadow, all that combined with the well know Ken Burns animation to leave your website visitors speechless. Plus you can add music to your slideshow, you can adjust the master volume via backend, and form the frontend you can “mute” the volume with a simple and smooth sound fade effect.
The Youtube player is the masterpiece of this module. Simple and beautiful, with a stylish progress bar, timeline scroll, exceptional buttons design, fullscreen option, and many more features specially  developed by our team to improve the quality of your website.
This is what makes our module to be the best in the business. Buy it now and assure you with the best quality/price ratio.
More powerful, more nice, more easy to configure, with a beautiful effects for images and text, much cheaper, all in new version of Pro Header with YouTube (2.0.1)
  • Unique and individual appearance
  • Music On/Off & Volumes
  • Frame / Background with Glow and Shadow
  • Reflection Effects On/Off & Parameters
  • Smart Loading with 4 different Loader type.
  • Rotate the Flash & Content
  • Ken Burns Animation with exact Position and Aligns
  • Use YouTube Videos, set ID, start position and Quality
  • Add Next, Previos, Play / Pause, Thumbnails, Progress bar
  • Real Progress Bar on Slide and on Video, Stop, Rewind your Slide items
  • Real Pause on Slide Items - TimeLine
  • Slide Management via Keyboard, like Next, Previous, Play & Pause - with Space Bar
  • Add Shadow, Glow, or many other Tween to the items easy via back-end Use 10 main Transitions, 11 Ease Transitions - mix them and get unlimited amount
  • of animations
  • Support special characters (âùæçéèêëîïôœûüÜÛÙŒÔÏÎËÊÈÉÇÆÄÂÀ); 
  • And....much, much more

1. The music from the preview is not included in the purchased package.
2. Before start using Live Control, please read documentation!

New Feature: From now you have possibility to load multiple instances of the same module on the same website!!!



Default Content

This module contains 5 (five) predefined slides, to add more (maximum 7) slides please contact support.
This module supports multiple instances!

Back-End Images

proheader global

Module Version

Current version of the module: 3.0.2
Last Update: 2014-04-10 (change the mode to add images)
2014-01-16 (back-end changes for Joomla 3.2)
2013-06-17 (added possibility to load multiple instances of the same module on the same website)
2013-02-01 (major changes for back-end - Joomla 1.6, 1.7,.2.5 and 3.x)
2013-01-07 (simplified the process of changing images)
2012-07-26 (added a way to disable module caching)
2012-07-20 (minor bug fixes)
2012-03-06 (Now, it's much easier to configure the module by means of Live Control)
-added support for special characters
-major changes for back-end
-more easy to configure
-creating effects, for images ,text and video buttons is much simplified
-KenBurn effect and align is now easy to set up
-bug fixes


Compatible with Joomla

module compatibility3


For any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.


GNU General Public License




Copyright © 2009 - 2014 Magic Point. All rights reserved.

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